• During the period 1988 to 1994, manganese reserves in ore form registered an annual average growth of 2.7 percent -- from 1.4 million MT in 1988 to 1.6 million MT in 1994. The extraction of manganese ore exhibited fluctuations for the years in review. In 1992, exploration for more possible mining sites in several areas was conducted. This resulted to an increase of ore reserves by 203,014 MT, with a metal content of 87,843 MT at the end of the year, gross of extraction. As of 2011, Philippines is estimated to have 2.2 million MT of Mn reserves in ore form.

  • After almost two years of studying the market, we were able to identify at least 23 genuine suppliers who can honor their commitments in their fields. We have also identified the places where large scale mining is viable, and where good deposits of ores are. We have also figured out how to help them maintain the quality of their produce, and we are continually studying the mining techniques in other countries that could be applied in Philippines such as expansive mortar- the most cost efficient way of mining nowadays.

  • - Manganese demand to top supply (in 2011) for first time in four years – Bloomberg News

    - Chinese Manganese demand may rise to 86% by 2012 claims Chinese Ministry’s Non-ferrous Metals Department – Reuters

    - India’s Manganese Ore demand doubling by 2012 - Manganese Ore India Ltd (amid the country’s bid to be the second largest steel producing nation (Reuters)

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